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Displaying a Graduate’s Name on the Diploma


The University of Kauai diploma is a ceremonial document and does not, in itself, constitute proof of degree completion. However, in recognition that diplomas serve an official function and may be used for official purposes by other entities, University of Kauai ascribes to certain expectations of decorum on how it allows names of graduates to appear. Those expectations are as follows:

1. University of Kauai recommends that students list their full legal name on the diploma.

2.       • Maternal surnames may be added regardless of whether they are included in the student’s official record.

          • A maiden name may be used.

          • Hyphenated maiden-married last names may be used. .

3. First Name: Legal first name as reflected in the Registrar’s records is recommended however, the following variations are acceptable:

          • May be omitted or replaced with an initial (if middle name is listed).

          • First name may be replaced with a generally recognized or easily correlated diminutive or nickname (e.g., “Beth” or “Libby” for "Elizabeth")

          • Nicknames that are not clearly related to the first name on record are not generally permitted and will be replaced with the student’s legal first name on record. Any nickname published will

be added as a preferred name in our records.

4. Middle Name(s): Legal middle name(s) or initial(s) as recorded in the Registrar’s records is recommended; omissions are permitted (if first name is listed).

5. Suffixes and Titles: Standard suffixes (Sr., Jr., or III) may be added regardless of whether they are included in the student’s official record.

6. Accents: We will attempt to accommodate special accent marks indicated on the application form; however, students should be aware that some accents may not print on the diploma or diploma cover.

7. Punctuation: The following punctuation standard will be used. Omission of punctuation is permitted but only done by explicit student request.

             John A. Jones, III

             Robert T. Jones, Jr.

8. New name expected: A diploma may be ordered with a new name in expectation of a name change. If this is done, the diploma will NOT be delivered until an official Request for Name Change is provided to the Registrar’s Office with required supporting documentation.


NOTE: If any questions arise and we are unable to contact the student, we will use the full legal name as recorded in the Registrar’s records. Students may submit a letter requesting exceptions outside these guidelines for review and ruling by the Registrar. We will strive to meet student’s requests.

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